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Example Categories:

Home Help: Tasks like finding cleaning services, managing repairs, researching products, decluttering assistance

Personal Coordination: Booking appointments (medical, beauty, etc.), sending gifts or messages, managing personal errands.

Travel & Relocation: Finding movers, booking flights and hotels, researching destinations, managing luggage issues.

Event Planning: Finding caterers, venues, decor, entertainment, and assisting with guest communication

Creative Projects: Assisting with party planning, finding unique gifts, planning surprise events or celebrations

Research & Information: Finding product reviews, local 

recommendations, gathering and comparing data

Individual Client

Time Saver: Regain precious hours each week by outsourcing essential admin tasks. Focus on what you do best while we handle inbox management, scheduling, and basic client communication.

Growth Engine: Level up your business with proactive support. Includes all 'Time Saver' benefits PLUS lead generation, social media management, and CRM optimization to fuel your growth.

Bookkeeping Basics: Stay on top of your finances without the stress. We handle expense tracking, invoicing, and essential bookkeeping tasks, ensuring you're organized and ready for tax time.

Team and Enterprise Packages

Efficiency Booster: Supercharge your team's productivity. We analyze your workflows, streamline processes, and enhance team communication – saving you time and money.

Sales Accelerator: Boost your revenue with dedicated sales support. Includes lead qualification, pipeline management, and sales follow-ups to close more deals.

Financial Control Center: Get expert-level financial management. In-depth bookkeeping, insightful reporting, and tax preparation support make complex finances stress-free.

Dedicated Team: Your virtual extension. A customizable team of VAs and a team lead for seamless scaling and comprehensive business support.


Solopreneurs: Budget-friendly solutions, so you can focus on building your empire.

Businesses: Scale faster with vetted VA talent, customized to your specific needs.

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