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Part-Time Virtual Executive & Personal Assistants, IT, Accountants/Bookkeepers - Philippines


El tipo de trabajo

Contract or On-Call / Flex Hours

Espacio de trabajo

Acerca del rol


Mandatory Requirement: Recent work experience as a VA/VEA/VPA in US or Canadian-based companies.

Key Duties:

  • Administrative Support: Provide general administrative assistance, including email management, document organization, and task coordination.

  • Appointment Scheduling: Manage calendars, schedule meetings and appointments efficiently, and communicate updates to relevant parties.

  • Client Support: Deliver excellent customer service, respond to inquiries promptly, and maintain strong client relationships.

  • Data Entry: Ensure accurate and timely data entry into various systems.

  • Personal Assistance: Manage personal tasks, errands, and other support needs as required.

  • E-commerce specialist: Recent work experience in Shopify, TikTok, AI-tools, and Amazon.

  • Level C Virtual Executive Support: Recent work experience in North American-based virtual setup


  • Required:

    • Bachelor's Degree in Finance, Commerce, Accounting, or Business Administration - Top Schools only

    • Proof of diploma and academic transcripts.

    • Strong attention to detail, exceptional reading comprehension, and effective social skills.

  • Must Have:

    • Recent diplomas or certifications in AI-related tools or secretarial skills.

    • Proven VA work experience demonstrating proficiency with modern AI tools - see FAQs.

To Apply:

  • Click the Apply button and submit website portfolio and LinkedIn profile with proven AI-powered tools and integration work experience.

  • Work references, diplomas

    MUST HAVE: Fast Internet service provider, has installed VPN, and anti-virus both mobile phone and computer.

We look forward to hearing from you! Thank you.

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