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up to 20 - 40 Hrs/Month: Part-Time Remote Advanced Admin Asst./Personal Asst. - Canadian-Based VAs


El tipo de trabajo

Contract or On-Call/Flex Hours

Espacio de trabajo

Acerca del rol


Your Potential Roles:

  • Executive Operations Support

  • Sales Acceleration

  • Financial & Accounting Support

  • Seamless Event Coordination

  • Strategic Website Management

  • Social Branding & Engagement

  • Expert Self-Publishing Guidance

  • HR Support

  • Preferred Skills: Excellent communication, attention to detail, AI-Powered tools tech-savvy.

Specific Roles:

  • Human Resources:

    • Bachelor's degree in Human Resources or related field.

    • Proven experience with recruiting, onboarding, or HR compliance.

    • Familiarity with HR software and tools.

  • Digital Marketing & Social Media:

    • Recent work experience as a Social Media Specialist.

    • Strong client relations and online communication skills.

    • Proficient in social media platforms, content creation tools, and analytics.

    • Knowledge of AI-powered marketing tools and workflow automation work experience or skills.

  • AI Tools Expert:

    • Hands-on experience with current AI tools for content generation (image, writing, etc.).

    • Ability to quickly learn and adapt to new AI technologies.

    • Interest in applying AI to various business tasks (a plus).

  • Entrepreneurship & E-Commerce:

    • Background in entrepreneurship (degree in Commerce, business experience, etc.).

    • Skills in e-commerce platforms, online sales, and marketing.

    • Book editing and publishing experience (a plus).

  • Sales, Marketing, Events & Executive Assistance:

    • Recent work experience in sales, marketing, events/tradeshows, or executive support.

    • Experience in travel arrangements, appointment scheduling, and calendar management.

  • Finance & Accounting

    • Experience in bank reconciliation, preparing financial reports, and journal entries.

    • Proficiency in accounting software (Quickbooks, Xero, etc.).

    • Knowledge of e-filing, tax compilation, and communicating with tax authorities.

  • Flexibility: Willing to cover as a backup when needed.

MUST HAVE: Fast Internet service provider, has installed VPN, and anti-virus both mobile phone and computer.

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