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Are you still missing out the AI and Automation?

The Virtual Assistant Market is poised for substantial growth, with a forecasted increase of USD 26,945.07 million between 2022 and 2027, representing a robust CAGR of 37.29%. Technavio's report examines this market's dynamics, focusing on types, end-users, and geographical regions. North America is expected to lead this surge, contributing to 39% of the market's growth during the forecast period. This dominance is attributed to the region's proclivity for high-end technology, facilitated by the availability of advanced services and higher disposable incomes.

With a concentration of leading artificial intelligence technologies, North America boasts easy access to innovative developments, supported by numerous vendors in the region.

Key drivers propelling the virtual assistant market include the rising demand for improved customer service, the benefits afforded to content consumers, owners, and publishers, as well as the integration of intelligent virtual assistants in smartphones, facilitating human interactions. However, market growth faces hindrances due to technical concerns.

As the year 2024 approaches, the significance of embracing AI and automation becomes paramount for streamlined and efficient living. Failure to adopt these technologies may lead to falling behind the curve, particularly for business owners. Investing in smart virtual assistants is identified as a crucial step in reclaiming the purpose behind establishing businesses – to enjoy life.

Statistics underscore the rapid growth of the global virtual assistant services market. In 2020, it was valued at USD 4.12 billion, with a projected steady CAGR of 24.4% from 2021 to 2028. The number of virtual assistants worldwide is expected to increase from 3.9 million in 2020 to 8.4 million by 2028. The momentum is anticipated to intensify, with projections indicating that the market will reach USD 19.6 billion by 2025, boasting a CAGR of 25.7% during the forecast period of 2020-2025.

In alignment with this market trajectory, digixVA aims to deploy experienced and well-screened virtual assistants to advance businesses and reduce annual operating expenses. These virtual assistants, trained as AI and tech-savvy professionals, seamlessly integrate into operations. digixVA invites businesses to embrace its potential to elevate both personal and professional life in the era of virtual assistant services.

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