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digixVA Outsourcing & Recruitment Agency Terms of Use

Our Commitment to Excellence

Supervisory Support: We offer continuous guidance to both you and your VA to ensure a seamless collaboration.

Highly Vetted Talents: Our VAs are meticulously screened for exceptional skills and tech proficiency, guaranteeing well-screened top talent specialists with AI automation technical skills.

NO CHARGE Replacement Guarantee: If your chosen VA doesn't meet expectations, we'll facilitate a replacement at no extra cost, ensuring the right fit for your business.

Confidentiality Assurance: Mutual respect for confidentiality is paramount in our partnership.


Keeping Your Data Secure

Privacy Priority: Safeguarding your data is our commitment. Refer to our Privacy Policy for comprehensive details.

Security Recommendations: While we prioritize your security, we advise using personal antivirus and VPN protection for added safety.


Protecting Our Collaborations

Talent Network Investment: We invest in sourcing and vetting skilled VAs for our clients' benefit.

Client-Contractor Relationship: During your active digixVA tenure, refrain from directly hiring our VAs without prior notification. This safeguards our operational integrity and sustains our service excellence.

Recruitment Assistance: Interested in permanently hiring a VA? Reach out to explore our dedicated recruitment services for a seamless transition. Termination of Service

Fair Usage Policy: While flexibility is our aim, excessive VA hours beyond your plan may prompt account review or additional fees.

Abuse Prevention: Services may be terminated if client behavior towards their VA is deemed abusive or exploitative, ensuring a respectful environment.

Non-Solicitation: NO direct hiring of our VAs for two years post-service conclusion.

Ending the Agreement: Either party can terminate the agreement with written notice, particularly in case of significant issues or bankruptcy.

Cancellation Policy

7-Day Cancellation for Unused Services: You have a 7-day window from service initiation to cancel and receive refunds for unused services (including subscription time and unsubmitted requests).

Other Cancellations: Cancellations post-service initiation are non-refundable due to incurred expenses.

Price Increase:

In light of the ongoing economic crisis and to cover rising operational costs, we strive to maintain competitive hourly rates for our elite, highly-qualified outsourced or recruited team. Please note that price increases may occur without further notice.

We value your partnership and understanding!

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